angela luu

vp internal

The Vice President of Internal Relations is responsible for overseeing the development of executive members within the club. In addition, she is also responsible for administrating and organizing new executive interviews every Fall season, the alumni directory, and facilitating the Froshee groups with the President.

Year: N/A
Major: Communications
Past positions: Froshee, Ski Trip/External Coordinator, Director of Member’s Appreciation Night (MAN), Secretary

Angela has always wanted to pursue a career in Graphic Design. Thinking her potential ends there, she has found that people are allowed multiple titles and many layers… like onions. Peel back some layers and find that she likes to talk to new people and try new hobbies; be away from a laptop screen every now and again. CAC has exposed her to more personalities and backgrounds than her small East Van circle had prepared her for. Human Resources is a new interest that has stuck. Terrified of routine, trying to live her best life – Angela values happiness above all else.

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