ashley wong

communications director

The Communications Director is responsible for designing all of the print and digital graphics that are as requested by the other departments in CAC, in order to promote the club’s events and activities. She is also responsible for overviewing the club’s image through a variety of creative and media collateral, such as digital photographs, videos, and the website.

Year: 3rd
Major: Interactive Arts & Technology
Past positions: Froshee, Communications Coordinator

Ashley joined CAC in her first year to meet people outside of the SFU Surrey Campus, where her major in SIAT normally is, and to encourage herself to step out of her comfort zone to connect with more people. She’s glad that everyone she’s met within the club has been friendly, supportive and positive, which has made her transition into university a lot easier. Ashley enjoys grabbing food with her friends and family, which has led her to start her own food Instagram at @raincouverfoodie.

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