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just a bit about us…

The SFU Canadianized Asian Club, or CAC for short, was founded in 2001 by Lynden Wei, a Canadianized Asian himself. Back then, the clubs at SFU catered to either international students, or they didn’t allow Asians to join, because they thought that Asian students at SFU weren’t good enough to join or participate in. Therefore, Wei wanted a club that fit the needs, wants, and interests of his desired student body, as well as an organization that was similar to UBC CVC, or Chinese Varsity Club. He posted an ad in The Peak – 

Calling all "Canadianized Asians to Meet!"

And that’s how SFU CAC began!

our mission

As the largest student-led, non-profit organization on campus, our goal is to enhance the student’s university experience, placing our membership body first. We strive to build an inclusive community that engages students through a variety of activities and events. We encourage students to join our executive committee to further their experience.

we have an event for everyone!

SFU CAC hosts a number of events throughout the school year. Our signature events, also known as “Pillar Events”, are traditionally hosted by the club every year, and has a large turn-out. Some known Pillar Events include our Dessert Nights, Ski Trip, Bootylicious, Dating Auction, Handball/Dodgeball Tournaments, and Member’s Appreciation Night (MAN).

Otherwise, you can find more details on our events by clicking on the “Events” button below. The types of events that CAC has hosted is grouped into various categories for easy finding.

make CAC part of your university experience!

Like many of us in CAC, we all started off as shy, clueless first-year students looking for something to do on campus and to make friends. We all know that feeling when you walk into a large lecture room on your very first day of classes, not knowing a single face in sight. Many of us join CAC to ease that nervous, anxious feeling, and to find their own group of friends that they know they can rely on for study sessions, big night outs, or if they need a shoulder to cry or vent to.

So, does this all sound like fun to you?

Don’t hold off on your “what-ifs” any longer! If you’re looking for a sign, this is it! Find your new, supportive group of homies, or take on that executive position you’ve been eyeing on and better yourself as a person!

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